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Emily’s Voice


The issue of abortion is one of the most polarizing subjects of our time.  People’s strong opinions on both sides of the issue make it difficult to have an open and honest dialogue.  Usually, someone’s agenda is at stake.  Politicians have votes and money on the line; doctors and abortion clinics do too.  Women in crisis have emotions, fear and stress affecting their judgement.  And, many Christians have a “holier-than-thou” judgemental mindset that widens the gap between those who consider themselves “pro-choice” and those who are “pro-life.”

We celebrate medical technology advancements like intrauterine surgery to save a baby’s life on one day; and the next, we see medical professionals advocating killing a “fetus” that’s the same age or older in the name of Women’s Rights.  The prevalence of lies surrounding the subject is one thing.  The absence of truth is another. I believe if most people are given the facts on both sides of an issue, they are competent and capable to make a wise decision on the matter.  When rhetoric and emotion are involved, this is hard to accomplish.

The facts are that at LEAST 80K babies are aborted annually in Australia alone.  And, there is a MAJOR lack of information and resources out there to actually help women (and men) facing a crisis pregnancy situation.  Contrary to popular belief, more than half of abortions are for social reasons, not because a mother’s health is in grave danger or because the baby suffers with a disability. 97% of aborted babies are PERFECTLY HEALTHY.  (Click here for references or to read more facts about abortion.) Sadly, abortion is often the only option a lot of women feel is available to them. We want to help change this in our community.

We have recently personally partnered with an amazing organization called Emily’s Voice which exists to help Australians fall in love with the unborn.  Motivated by love for the mother and her unborn baby, Emily’s Voice uses a clever and beautiful marketing campaign (30 sec commercials, bus ads, billboards) to portray real life stories of people who were faced with an unplanned pregnancy or with the news that their baby had a disability.  Sometimes the ads just remind us that “long before our first steps, first haircut and first heartache, the journey’s already begun in the womb.”  By highlighting beautiful facts about our unique features like hair, feet, or hands, we are reminded of the miracle that is LIFE.

Sadly, one in three Australian women will have an abortion.  This means one in four pregnancies are terminated.  However, 70% of women who had an abortion say they would have continued the pregnancy if a significant “other” had encouraged them. We believe Australians mindsets about abortion will change over time.  Much like the major government marketing strategy to highlight the dangers of smoking (no one actually thinks it’s a wise decision to smoke due to the influx of truth about this disgusting habit), Emily’s Voice will help Australians become aware of the fact that abortion is bad for more than just the baby who loses its life.  The emotional and physical ramifications for the mother are dangerous too.

Because of our own personal experience and passion to see these stats and mindsets change, Greg and I want to help others affected by this issue.  We have a vision to see a crisis pregnancy centre in our city which will provide education and support to women facing difficult situations. After all, if we really care about women’s rights, they deserve to have emotional support and correct information to make their CHOICE.  If you would like more information about Emily’s Voice or to partner with them now, click here.

Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made! Psalm 133:13-14 (MSG)