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2015 Fasting Devotion, Day THIRTEEN

Read Acts 16:16-40

Sometimes life brings situations your way that have you feeling trapped. You may not be physically incarcerated unjustly like the Apostle Paul in this story in Acts. But, you can feel stuck in a job you hate, held captive by a diagnosis, bound by people around you who seem to drag you down. The best way out of any stronghold is through worship and prayer as Paul and Silas have shown.

You can’t control what problems life brings your way and Jesus himself told us this world would bring troubles, but you CAN control your response to your pain. Worshipping God means declaring his goodness, putting him in FIRST PLACE in your life, telling him how much you love Him for what he has done in your life, exalting HIS name above every problem you face. If you can form a habit of worshipping God and praying through every trial you face, you will experience a freedom like Paul felt when the physical shackles fell from his body.

The beauty of living a God-centered life is that people around you will witness God’s faithfulness to you; they too can be set free.

Jesus, you are worthy of all my praise and affection. I honour you above everything in my life and worship you now despite any trouble I am facing. I trust you will be faithful to release me from bondage so that I can walk in freedom. Knowing my eternity is secure with you means I can face anything life throws my way. Use me to minister to others in my world and in my church as I experience your goodness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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