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Who Will Follow Me?

follow me

You ever meet someone new and think, “I’d like to be friends with her?”  Or, maybe there’s someone on social media whose life looks interesting and you watch their Instagram posts; do you track what clever thing they have to say on Twitter?  You “follow” them in order to have their influence or to live vicariously through them.  There’s only one problem with those types of relationships: they are one-sided.  You might follow someone on Twitter and re-tweet everything they say only to find they never write you back or even know who you are. We all want someone to want us, but real friendships take two people reciprocating attention to one another. You put yourself out there to pursue the relationship and cross your fingers the other person responds.

Oftentimes, in my relationships, I’m the pursuer.  I think that’s why I was so good in sales when the motto of our company was, “the fortune’s in the follow-up!” I enjoy the follow up.  If I like someone or something, I have no problem going after it/her. When someone new visits our church, we make sure to thank them for coming and we call them afterwards.  If there’s any hope of connecting or forming a relationship, we can’t leave it to chance.

When someone tracks me down, I find it surprisingly refreshing.  Amazing, actually!  A new acquaintance remembering me and taking time to reach out is wonderful.

In the “striving for attention” sort of age we live in, I like to be reminded:

There’s one follower we all have.

The Ultimate Stalker.  The ONE who doesn’t have to troll our FaceBook pages to know what we’re up to or where we “checked in” last.  He knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb and he promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

We can be sure, no matter how lonely we might feel, forgotten even, that God is hot on our trail. He is pursuing us. He came to seek and save. HIs love is forever overtaking us. No amount of striving can earn what he freely gives. Running cannot put us out of his reach.  Ignoring him won’t change his position or cause him to shrug his shoulders and walk away.  The Author of Time will wait for us to turn our face towards him.  He won’t “un-friend” us, block us, or report our bad behaviour. His friend request sits waiting for us to accept.  He tells us to come follow him as an invitation for relationship, not just a way to boost his stats.

I’m so thankful for friends and followers in my life.

But, I’m mostly grateful for a God who is both tender and kind, not easily angered, immense in love, and who never, never quits (Psalm 86:15).

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