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My Aussie-ism Update

I am fully aware that I’m a yank but strewth!  Since moving to Oz over two months ago, the number of slang words my fellow mugs use on a daily basis is astonishing. I’ve been married to my ripper Aussie bloke for almost 13 years and have made several trips down under so I thought having a convo would be no drama.  Turns out, the sheilas I hang out with are fair dinkum and I have to learn quick.

Some typical takeaway tucker might  be dogs eyes and sausage rolls for the little vegemites.  You have to pay an extra 20 cents for each tomato sauce you want with them.  I enjoy a flat white over a long black and know how to order my prawns and lamb by the kilo.

This bluey has a fair crack at the whip almost every arvo to learn something new!  I have volunteered at Brett’s school canteen and kids order anything from ice blocks to jelly sticks as snacks.  They drink poppers and must eat their goujons and potato gems before they have a biscuit. Brett usually just packs a sanga and I told the teacher to dob on him if he doesn’t eat his apple.

Sam is doing well except when he decides to chuck a wobbly and spit the dummy in public.  I tell him not to act like a yabbo but he doesn’t always listen.  What can you expect from an ankle biter?  If we are out, I sometimes bribe him with a bikkie and some chokkie.

Speaking of chokkie, the word sounds a bit like chook but they are totally different.  For tea, we often serve up snags, otherwise known as mystery bags.  When the weather’s nice, we pack up an esky and head to the beach.  If we forgot the drinks, no worries!  There’s always a bubbler nearby or we can chuck a yewy and go back for them.

I can’t believe how much Sydney is ready for kindie.  She’s a beautiful little dag and wears her sunnies and thongs even tho it’s winter.  She loves lollies and everywhere we go, she wants me to buy her a prezzy.  With the high prices, I may need to start shopping at the salvos nearby.  That’ll lower the docket for sure!

With all this slang, I might resort to some clean skin plonk to cope!  As long as I don’t head out to bet on the gee-gees or pokies while ordering scooners and middys all afternoon, I guess I’m ok.  Right now, the Aussie slang and I go together like chalk and cheese.  But no worries, mates!  I’ll be right!  They aren’t sending me to woop woop yet!

14 thoughts on “My Aussie-ism Update”

      1. @Stacy
        I’m down here at the moment. But I’ll be working until 6 both Monday and Tuesday. Maybe I’ll stay around Wednesday morning if you’re around? I have all 4 kids with me too!!!
        @everyone else
        Guys (yes, I can include you in all that because Sheila’s come under guys as well! Lol so I don’t need to say guys and gals), I can vouch for Stacy that she was speaking perfect Ocker! I can understand absolutely everything she said!


  1. How about givin’ the Texas guys and gals a translation. Some of that seems just a tad questionable. I think I’m fixin’ ta have ta take you out behind that woodshed. And what in the world are you feedin’ those kids — bikkie and chokkie?? Give some cookies and milk for heaven sakes!!!! Love you and miss you bunches. You really should write a book!


  2. I love this. It is almost perfect except it is yobbo instead of yabbo & I don’t know what “goujons” means.
    Nice work. This one’s going straight to the pool room!


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