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Yes Lord, Your Servant is Listening

My husband and I are going to plant a church in Australia!  Yes, I said it.  We are planting a church down unda, in the land of Oz, where kangaroos hop and white sand squeaks; where sheilas are girls and Brian Houston speaks.

That’s the short version of me telling the world what’s going on in our life at the moment.  How we got here is a long story, or two, or more.  Visit this blog periodically to follow the news.  Hopefully you’ll be encouraged in your own calling by doing so.

Oftentimes, God speaks to us and has to repeat Himself several times before we act.  Just look at Samuel, the prophet (1 Samuel 3). God spoke to him and he thought it was Eli the judge whom he was serving.  He got out of bed only to be told by Eli that it wasn’t him calling.  Samuel heard the voice of God a second time, but again mistook it for someone else.  A third time God spoke.  Samuel asked Eli what it was he wanted.  Eli, a man, had to tell him that the very voice he was hearing in the night might very well be the voice of God.  On the fourth try, Samuel finally turned his ear to the Lord and said, “Yes Lord, your servant is listening.”

God has been preparing us for the journey to plant a church for years now.  It was only when we began to listen closely to Him that we could see how clearly our steps were being ordered this direction.  Last summer, someone spoke prophetically to Greg and said he thought God was calling us to do this.  At the time, this friend’s comment just seemed like a cool idea or even just a nice compliment that someone would think we would even be capable of such an amazing task.

Then, at the end of January, it happened again: someone we don’t know very well passed by Greg in a busy hallway and asked him if he is planting a church in Australia.

It was only then that we began to say to the Lord, “Yes Lord, your Servant is Listening.”  This put into motion all of the next steps for us to hear clearly from the Lord.

We serve a living God who desires to speak to us about our future.  He loves us so much that He’s even willing to repeat Himself multiple times until He gets our attention.  I’m thankful God keeps repeating Himself and confirming His word to us as we begin this awesome journey.

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